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We have received reports that the IAITL is being fraudulently used by unidentified Canadian and American mafias operating in the US and Canada engaging in money laundering. They title the letters: Random British lotto, Global draw and probably many other names.


Real or unreal Victims allegedly file their reports at


Anybody can file a fraudulent report with Ripoff even with intention to defame a company. ALL complaints remain public and unedited. This group does not remove reports even when they contain false and defamatory statements. This company hides under the safe harbour protection (US Communication Decency Act) shielding them from liability for the speech of third parties.


The complaints are all anonymous so that anybody can make a false statement and hide under the cloak of anonymity. This Rip-Off group claims the victim of the false report can file a rebuttal. This group claims they will not remove false reports for money, but a closer look of the website reveals that in order to have the false reports removed, the organisation is encouraged to seek Arbitration with their designated arbitrators for an initial fee of $2000.00. This sounds like a rip-off!


The International Association of IT Lawyers (IAITL) is a registered non-profit organisation involved in legal research, conference, social networking, policy debates and publication. We are not engaged in lotto global draw, charity events nor do we solicit money for publication. All scholarly articles that appear in our journals are free to the public and we do not require any form of payment for article publications