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Local Information




Nicosia is the last divided capital in Europe, the northern part of which is not under the effective control of the Republic of Cyprus since 1974.


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Things to see

• the Old City and the well-preserved Venetian walls that surround this district.

• other historical structures, such as the Omeriye Mosque and the Faneromeni Church



From ancient times Cyprus was called the "island of the sun" because the sun shines for 340 days a year. September is still fairly warm in Cyprus, both during the day and at night, even though evenings start getting gradually cooler . The average temperature is 28°C but can go much higher, especially inland. Average rainfall is very low.


September Weather

* Average High: 32°C (90°F)

* Average Low: 19°C (66°F)




Tap water is not drinkable. A local supermarket is located 2 minutes by foot from Hilton Park Hotel where you can purchase bottled water.









A. Offer by Orfanou Shuttle (Larnaca Airport to Hilton Park Hotel)




• tel: +357 22 511 511

• fax: +357 22 44 66 8



B. Transport from Larnaca Airport to Nicosia (44 km) :

• Larnaca Airport to Nicosia Station: 40 minutes by shuttle bus at € 7 (Euro per person)

• Larnaca Airport to Hilton Park Hotel: 40 minutes by shuttle bus at € 14 Euro

• For Information and Booking Kapnos Airport Shuttle Arrival area after the customs towards to the bus exit on your right.

• KapnosAirport Shuttle

• T: +357 24 621 702

• F: +357 24 658 714

Click here for Timeable of the Airport Shuttle



C. From Other Airports (Transportation from Paphos (150 Km) International Airport or from the Limassol Port (82 Km) to Nicosia


From Paphos Airport:

• Rent a taxi to Nicosia (about €120) or

• Rent a taxi to the centre of Paphos (about €11), and rent a seat in a service taxi to Nicosia (about €14).


From Limassol Port:

• Rent a taxi to Nicosia, (about €85) or

• Rent a taxi to the centre of Limassol (about €11),

• and rent a seat in a service taxi to Nicosia (about €7)




C. In Nicosia


Nicosia has an organised network of Urban Busses that is managed by the Nicosia Bus Company Ltd. All the bus routes start at the Solomos Square terminal in the centre of the city and cover all the areas of the city. Buses run every 20 to 30 minutes depending on their destination while on weekends they run less frequently. For more information as well as for the current fares you can call the Nicosia Bus Company at 22778841. In addition, Nicosia Municipality runs its own busses, the well-known Yellow Busses that cover the city within the walls. There is no fare charge for these routes.



Taxis can be booked or hired on the street . In order to take a taxi you have to call one of the taxi companies. The taxi will come pick you up from where you are. Besides the taxi companies, there is a taxi rank at the Eleftheria Square (City Centre) where you can find taxis twenty-four hours a day. Urban taxis are obligatory provided with taximetres and charging commences upon the entering of a passenger in the taxi. An indication of the charges is listed below:


• From 06:01 - 20:30:

Initial charge 3,42 Euro

Fare per km 0,73 Euro

Delay or waiting time per hour 13,66 Euro

For every luggage weighing more than 12kg 1,20 Euro

Public Holidays surcharge 1,96 Euro


• From 20:31 - 06:00:

Initial charge 4,36 Euro

Fare per kilometre 0,85 Euro

Delay or waiting time per hour 15,71 Euro

For every luggage weighing more than 12kg 1,20 Euro




D. Information about bus routes from Nicosia to other cities


Intercity Buses

- Bus No.26 from Hilton to the City Centre. The fare costs about €2 per passenger.




- People will need to go to the Central Bus Stations to get these buses.


Travel Express

- This is a company which uses smaller buses and they pick you up and drop you off wherever you want, but, unless you hire the whole taxi, you might waste some time waiting for the other passengers to get picked up and dropped off.